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Your business may be planned for exit, but it must be operated for growth if you ever expect to reach the exit. Ferrario & Associates keeps the focus on growth.

Ferrario & Associates can make a difference and energize your business in these areas:

New Markets – New Products

We can do analyses of new markets for existing products or road-mapping of a new product development for existing markets.

Marketing and Sales

As your business gathers strength, we can create a marketing and sales strategy for when there are simply not enough hours in the day for the founding entrepreneur(s) to continue the direct selling. We evaluate independent representation region by region or country by country.

Product Development

Ferrario & Associates has experience leading technical teams whether engaged in product development or after sale technical support. We have experience in drawing product developments to successful conclusion by focusing the development team on the urgency to get to the market.

Customer Service

We have transformed customer service from cost center to profit center. We make after sale customer service a sales function only with different products.

Alternative Growth Strategies

We also have experience in technology transfer, Merger and Acquisition (M&A), or Joint Venture (JV) when cost and time impede organic growth.