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Sometimes something different needs to be done, or some things need to be done differently. We have clients who have recognized this themselves or who are under pressure from their lenders and investors. Ferrario & Associates can lead decision-making and transformation to what is best for all concerned in addressing the following issues:

Reviewing Financials and Management Reports and Taking Action

This initial review may lead to urgent decision-making to stabilize your business or simply serve as an outline for deeper investigation.

Reviewing the Business Fundamentals

Does the enterprise have a mission that is understood and supported by all the stakeholders? Is it focused on its mission and exploiting its core skills to succeed?

Operations Audit

Do the operations function to support the mission? Is your business vertically integrated for maximum efficiency? Are subcontracting and outsourcing yielding lower overhead costs? Are sales resources working on tomorrow’s business or yesterday’s? Is inventory under control; is it a sinkhole for excessive labor costs? Are collections pursued conscientiously? Are the operations documented?

Organization Audit

Does the organization support the operations? Are responsibilities and lines of authority clear? Are individual objectives aligned with the objectives of the business? Are the right employees in the right roles? Are there position descriptions, performance evaluations, and a compensation program?

Quality Management

Are there performance metrics in place? Do they truly tell whether the company is serving its customers? Does the company have a pervasive culture of quality or a “quality department”?

Information Technology

Does IT support the mission of your company with operational tools and robust management and financial reporting?