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While the business is just an exciting idea, Ferrario & Associates can provide a range of services that will assure a successful launch. These include:

Technology Validation

We can validate a number of technologies in which we have direct experience or engage industry insiders in a strictly confidential manner. We can find out where the emerging company’s technology lies between “ho-hum” and revolutionary.

Market Study

If the technology is indeed significant, we can determine who your customers are, what their needs or opportunities are, and what value they place on your technology.

Business Modeling

Together with the team, we can explore commercialization paths and business models to determine if the combination of technology and markets can lead to a business opportunity.

Business Planning

We can lead the entrepreneurs through the development of their business plan. It should describe and quantify the expected revenues, costs of goods, and the infrastructure and team required to launch and operate the new business.

Capital Formation

Ferrario & Associates can coach the founding team in the development and presentation of a compelling presentation to potential investors.

Product Planning and IP lock-down

Ferrario & Associates can help the team plan their developments and lock-down their intellectual property. We can help navigate the waters of regulatory affairs in the industry sectors within our experience.

Operations Design, Organization Design, Recruitment

As the emerging company gathers investment and other resources, Ferrario & Associates can help design operations, create an organization to support the operations, and recruit key staff.


Finally, Ferrario & Associates can take a leadership role in launching the business or in the longer term.